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Camp Health And Safety

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Camp Health And Safety
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Health Lodge
The Camp has an on-site health officer, trained in first aid and emergency response. The health officer provides routine medical treatment and handles minor medical problems.

Fire Prevention
Units are expected to follow the unit plans as set forth by the Boy Scouts of America. Each unit will need to appoint a unit fire warden who will review procedures with the group. In accordance with BSA policy, liquid fuels may only be used under adult supervision.

Daily Inspections
A daily campsite inspection will be made by a Camp Commissioner to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Emergency Procedures
In the event of an emergency please immediately inform the Camp office, health officer or nearest staff member of the situation. In the event of the camp siren sounding please return immediately to your campsite and begin accounting for each of your participants. Staff runners will report to all campsites to collect head-counts and pass along any pertinent information concerning emergency procedures. For more specific information concerning emergency procedures please contact the Camp office.

Fireworks are not permitted in camp. Violators will be sent home.

Camp Birch has bicycles avaiable for use on the Yellow Springs to Xenia bike trail. Use of bicyles in camp is not permitted by campers. Staff members do use bikes to relay messages and equipment. All bicyclists must wear a helmet on the bike hike and helmets are available for the camp bicycles.

Camp Hugh Taylor Birch is blessed with a wide variety of animals and other wild creatures. Our animals are important to camp and can be dangerous if cornered or threatened. Under no circumstances should anyone touch or disturb snakes or other animals. The staff, the animal, or both will prosecute violators. We must remember that the camp is the animals' home 12 months of the year and we are here for only a short time.