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Ranger Quest
What To Do Before Camp And When

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What To Do Before Camp And When
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What To Bring To Camp
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As an adult leader of a unit getting ready for a long-term camping experience you have many things on your mind. Use this check list as a prompt to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Start preparing Venturers/Explorers for camp by:
* Submit $100.00 unit deposit to the Tecumseh Council Service Center by April 29, 2002.
* Meeting with parents.
* Checking on physicals.
* Reviewing individual youth schedules and helping them identify any advance work needed to meet their objectives.
* Distribute and discuss "What To Bring To Camp" list.
* File Campership requests with Council Service Center.
* Have unit go to Beaver Day to help get Camp Birch ready for summer camp.

* Discuss camp preparation at each meeting.
* Check on physicals.
* Submit all the forms.
* Arrange for your vacation for camp.
* Send note to parents reminding them of camp fees still due and physical forms still needed.

* Submit final camp fee payments.
* Double check that all physical forms are complete and correct.
* Work with youth to insure they complete advance requirements.
* Register new members for camp.
* Check all above items for anything overlooked.
* Crew Camp at Good Turn Weekend - Help put finishing touches on camp for the summer.
* Relax - you are at Ranger Quest Summer Camp and all that hustling you did during the spring paid off, good weather, good food, good coffee, and good camping - who could ask for more.