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Ranger Quest
Leader Information

Daily Schedule
Leader Information
What To Do Before Camp And When
Camp Health And Safety
What To Bring To Camp
Program Area And Facilities

Adult Leadership
Each unit is required to have at least two adult leaders in camp during the entire week in camp , and one of these two adults must be at least 21 years old. Leaders may rotate, as needed, as long as this "two deep" leadership requirement is maintained 24-hours a day.

Under the crew system of camping, the unit leader is in charge of the crew at all times. Organization and discipline are the responsiblities of the unit leader. The camp staff will work with the leader as advisors and will help provide an environment in which the crew can grow into a better organized, better prepared and more independent organization.

Opportunities for Independent Venturers, Explorers and Scouts

Camp Birch will be offering an opportunity for individual Venturers, Explorers and Scouts. During Ranger Quest Summer Camp, a special provisional crew will be created for those Venturers, Explorers and Scouts that may chose to come to Camp Birch apart from their unit. Led by an Advisor and Associate Advisor, this group of youth will be camping in Cornstalk Campsite and will operate as a special, fully-functioning crew. Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting the Council Service Center.

Medical Examinations
Everyone attending camp must have an annual health history (attested by parents/guardians if under 18) with an attached copy of a completed physician-conducted medical exam given less than 36 month ago. The BSA Class 1 and 2 medical form should be used. No Venturer, Explorer or Scout will be admitted to camp without a completed medical form.

Adult leaders over 40 must complete the BSA Class 3 medical form, which includes a physician-conducted medical exam within 12 months.

Tobacco Products
Adults are asked to use discreation when using tobacco products and should avoid using them in the presence of campers. Smoking is not permitted in camp buildings nor is the use of tobacco products by those under the age of 18 allowed.

Controlled Substance
Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted on camp property. All medications must be turned in (in their original container) to the camp health officer on Sunday, at check-in, to be placed under lock and key in order to comply with BSA policy.

Firearms and ammunition are available at the camp for use in the Shooting Sports area. Personal bows, shotguns, and rifles brought to camp must be registered and turned in to the Shooting Sports Instructor or Camp Director upon arrival at camp. Camp is not responsible for loss or damage to firearms. No outside ammunition is allowed at camp. Personal bows, shotguns, and rifles are not encouraged to be brought to camp.

No One On One Contact
One on one contact between adults and youth is not permitted. In situations that require a personal conference, the meeting is to be conducted in view of others.

Respect Privacy
Adult leaders must respect the privacy of youth members in situations such as changing into swimming suits or taking showers at camp and intrude only to the extent that health and safety requires. They must also protect their own safety in similar situations.

At no time may male and female youth be permitted to fraternize. Anyone violating this rule will be sent home.

Thursday evening is a special time when visitors and guests are invited to camp. Visitors are encouraged to come to camp after 5:00 p. m. on Thursday. Guest meal tickets are available during the week for $5.00. Parents and guests are expected to park in the camp parking lot and follow all camp rules during their stay. Visitors must leave camp after the camp fire.

Visitors at any other time must check-in at the Camp office prior to going into camp to meet with the person or unit they are meeting.

Parking And Vehicle Use In Camp
All personal vehicles must be kept in the camp parking lot. Ranger Quest organizers will have one vehicle available for transportation of materials needed for activities and events. Camp Birch strives to preserve the natural beauty of camp and keep the property looking like a Scout camp. Please do not drive your vehicle in camp.

Telephone And Mail
The Camp emergency phone number is (937) 767-1751 and is to be used only for camp business or emergencies. A pay phone is located outside of the Dining Hall for your convience. Parents and others should remember that this is a camp and it is not possible to locate campers or leaders at a moment's notice. Mail is delivered daily to Camp and should be addressed with the Venturers, Explorers or Scouts name and unit number.

The Venturing, Explorer and Scout uniform is encouraged, but optional.

Leaving Camp
Anyone, Venturer, Explorer, Scout, or leader, who leaves camp property, must check out with the camp office. If a youth leaves camp, he or she must be checked out to either his or her unit leader or parent/guardian.

Adult Leaders
Adult leaders are encouraged to assist or participate in all the activities and events.

The Camp Quartermaster operates out of the Quartermaster Building across from the Kiwanis Lodge.

Tecumseh Council - Boy Scouts of America
Camp Hugh Taylor Birch

Equal Admission...No registered member shall be denied admission to our camp or to the benefits of our U. S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program because of race, color, national origin, handicap or age.

Camp Hugh Taylor Birch programs are available to persons with disabilities. We will make every reasonable effort to meet the needs of all those who wish to apply. If your child has a disability and you have questions or concerns, please contact the Camp Director at (937) 325-6449.

The Tecumseh Council has a policy that no Scout will be denied the opportunity to go to camp based on financial considerations alone. The Tecumseh Council has camp scholarships available. Campership application forms are due in the Council office by April 30, 2002. Come and enjoy the summer.

Tour permit and medical forms