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Ranger Quest
Program Area And Facilities

Leaders Guide
Program Area And Facilities
What To Bring To Camp

Camp Birch offers swimming activities in our pool and all boating activities on Martin Lake.

There are three classifications of swimmers at camp. Ventures, Explorers and leaders take a swim check on Sunday to determine their swimming classification.

Swim Classifications:
* Non-swimmer - No test.
* Beginner - Jump into water over your head, level off, swim 25 yards, turn sharply, and return to the starting point.
* Swimmer - Jump into water over your head, level off, swim 75 yards in a strong manner using side, breast, crawl or trudgen strokes. Then swim 25 yards using an elementary backstroke. At the end of the 100 yards, show that you can rest by floating.

No cut-off jeans are allowed in the pool. Everyone must shower before entering and after leaving the pool.

Fishing is also available in Martin Lake. The camp requests that campers follwo the catch and release method with the fish in the lake. If you plan to fish, please bring your own equipment.

Shooting Sports

The rifle, shotgun, and archery ranges have been built and certified according to the Boy Scouts of America standards. The camp furnishes ammunition, 22 caliber rifles, 20 gauge shotguns, and archery equipment. Shotgun ammunition costs 25 cents per shot.

Camp Birch furnishes ammunition for all firearms; no outside ammunition is allowed.

Project COPE (Challenging Outdoor Physical Encounters)

Camp Birch has a COPE course. It will be offered to campers in good physical condition. Participants will need to schedule time for the activity. Times for low COPE and high COPE will be announced.

Trading Post

The Trading Post is conveniently stocked with handicraft projects. Scouting literature and materials, snacks, drinks, camp souvenirs, along with a wide assortment of BSA and camping supplies. The Trading Post accepts cash and checks only.

Cooking In Campsite

On Thursday at camp Venturers and Explorers will prepare all of their meals in their campsite. Food will be passed out at the Dining Hall prior to each meal.

OA Dance Team performing for the 2001 campers.

Climbing and Rappelling

A rappelling tower and climbing wall are located on the property for limited use during the camp week.

The rappelling tower and climbing wall are open only during specific times of the week. These times will be announced.

Dining Hall

Units will be assigned tables on Monday morning and will sit at these tables for every meal. There are 10 people to a table, including campers, leaders, and 1 staff member per table.

Dining Hall Rules:
* No wet bathing suits, chewing gum or hats allowed.
* No shirt, no shoes - no service.
* Stay at your table.
* Leader is in charge of their unit. Staff member at your table is a guest for the meal.