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Ranger Quest
What To Bring To Camp

Leaders Guide
Program Area And Facilities
What To Bring To Camp

Be Prepared


Unit Equipment
While most camp equipment is provided (tents, cots, bulletin boards, etc.) your unit should bring other items to make your stay more comfortable. Suggested unit items include group kitchen, lanterns, flags, axe yard equipment, first aid kit, lashing rope, etc.

Personal Equipment
In general, campers should bring the following equipment to summer camp:

Formal Attire
* Venturing/Exploring uniform shirt
* Venturing/Exploring shorts or slacks (optional)
* Venturing/Exploring socks (optional)

Informal Attire
* T-shirts
* Underwear
* Sneakers/boots/sandles
* Shorts
* Socks
* Belt
* Jacket or sweater
* Sleep attire

Camping, Hiking, Activity Attire
* Pack or duffle bag
* Pocket knife
* Flash light
* Bath towels
* Rain coat or poncho
* Hat or cap
* Jeans or pants
* Long sleeve shirt
* Swimsuit
* Sun block
* Insect repellant (non-aresol)
* Personal hygiene gear-tooth brush, toothpast, comb, shampoo, etc.
* Talcum powder
* Paper/pencil/pen
* Canteen or water bottle
* Spending money ($25-$35)
* Sleeping gear-sleeping bag, pad, pillow
* Coat hangers
* Handbooks
* Watch
* Ground cloth
* Compass

* Camera and film
* Bible or religious books
* Sewing kit

What Not To Bring To Camp
The following items are not permitted in camp:

* Sheath knifes
* Guns
* Ammunition
* Fireworks
* Drugs
* Alcohol
* Pets
* Tobacco
* Pornography