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Blanchester Venture Crew 179
The History of Crew 179

The History of Crew 179
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Crew 179 was just a Venture Patrol back in 1999. We were formed from Troop 47 in the hopes of keeping the older boys active in the troop. We did have some success in keeping: Patrick, our first president in the crew, Andrew, our first vice-president, David, our treasurer, and Kyle, our first secretary.
We soon broke away from Troop 47, feeling that we were growing too fast to stay with the troop. We had a connection with the local American Legion Post and so we soon started meeting there and the rest is history.

The Klondike Derby 2001 Third Place
The Klondike Derby 2002 First Place
The Klondike Derby 2003 Third Place
The Klondike Derby 2004
* First Place Lunch Competition
Quality Unit 2002

Klondike 2004
The Crew Sled

Klondike 2004 - Wilderness Survival

Klondike 2004 - Fire Starting

Klondike 2004 - Surprise Event



Klondike 2004 - Wood Tools



Klondike 2004 - The Starting Line

Meet The Crew

Top Row:
Gidget Howlett, Associate Advisor
* Venturing Leadership Award
Bottom Row (Right to Left):
David, President
* Eagle Scout
* Ranger
* Venturing Gold
Megan, Secretary
Jessica, Treasurer
Eddie Howlett, Advisor
* Wood Badge
* Starwanmaker
* District Award of Merit
Ben, Vice President of Administration
* Eagle Scout
* Venturing Leadership Award
Tyler, Vice President of Program and Chaplin
* Star Scout
 Abi, member.

New Putman Elementary School Dedicated In 2002. The Crew Raised The First Flag.

Retired Jefferson Elementary School, Demolished In 2002. The Crew Lowered The Last Flag.

Crew 179 was requested to retire the flag from the Jefferson Elementary School for the last time in August of 2002. In September of 2002, Crew 179 rasied the first flag at the New Putman Elementary School.

Every year Crew 179 retires flags for our charter organization American Legion Marion Post 179. In 2003, the Crew decided to honor those brave hearts that fell at the 9/11 attack.








Crew 179 Flag Retirement Ceremony
Our flag was born on June 14th, 1777, amid the flames of America's fight for independence. It represented 13 colonies who together fought oppression so that we today could enjoy our freedom. From these 13 colonies we have grown into a nation of 50 states. Since those days our country has been a beacon of freedom for other peoples from around the world. We have sent men and women into harms way to keep that beacon lit. Our flag flew proudly in 1812 when our freedom was in doubt. It was there at Fort Sumpter, Gettysburg and at Appomatox. In World War I it led dough boys as they fought across Europe. A generation later it flew over Pearl Habor, Guadacanal and Iwo Jima. It flew over Africa, Normandy and again led Americans across Europe. In Korea the flag flew from one hill to another, in Veitnam it flew proudly while it lay burned and tattered back home. The flag was there in Beruit, Graneda, Panama, Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo. So that is why we are here today, to give our flag honor as so many have done before. As this box is passed around I would like very Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Venture Scout, Adult Leader, Veteran, Policeman and Fireman to take a piece of our flag.
Hold it tight for its still our flag.
(Let everyone take a piece.)
Those of you who have a white piece please come forward and place it on the fire.
(Half way through read below.)
The white represents purity that is in all our hearts it represents the honor deep inside our soul.
Those of you who have a red piece please come forward and place your piece on the fire.
(Half way through read below.)
The red stands for the men and women in the armed forces woho have served or died to keep freedom alive. It also stands for those on our soil who have died to protect the rights of others.
(Once everyone who had a red piece is done have a Scout come forward with the blue field and kneel. Then read the following.)
The blue stands for valor and courage that binds our 50 states together. The blue field is indicative of God's heaven under which it flies.
(Have the Scout kiss the blue field and place it in the fire.)
Our flag is more than colored cloth shaped into a design, it represents us, you, and I.
(In the next statement, they are talking about the flag they are retiring and it's history.)
Today we have laid to rest a very dear old friend, he did not lead soldiers into battle he did not fly from a place on high but he has served us well. For many years it flew with honor as it watched our children grow. Its' staff has been held by hundreds and it was saluted by thousands giving it their allegiance. Though we have lain it into our fire do not be sad, for it has served us with pride and it's spirit has been passed on to our new flag.
Will you please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.
(Followed by taps.)